Wednesday, 25 August 2010


And I heard her saying:
“It is my time to daydream now …
I will take a trip into blank space
Collect stars

And pour them into my cup of coffee
Drink them fast

And get high on stars and coffee …

So high

Until I find myself in blank space again
Collecting stars
And pouring them into my cup of coffee
And getting high in my dream

And so on

Until the sun sets
And I am a free soul again”

Monday, 16 August 2010

On seeing and feeling

I used to think
That what I do not see
Does not exist

I never thought
About that which cannot originally be seen
Yet it exists and persists

Like my emotions
Devoid of the physical object
Which they address

When the physical object fades away
It ceases to exist
But why are the emotions still here
Convincing me otherwise?

Friday, 13 August 2010

gravity eyelids*

She is strong
As long as she is free
Once hooked
It is the first day
Of the rest of her life

The sweet fall starts
And there is no way
To move against gravity
It is a dead end

At times she would think
She is sliding upwards
Moments of euphoria and thrill
That always end up with her waking up
To sweet reality
She would think she is fooling

Reality cannot be fooled
Neither can gravity

Inspired by Inception* and some other drops of rain and dust ruling my mind.
Title stolen from Porcupine Tree

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Last night

i dreamed that i was in a dream.
and i remembered it.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Thank you stranger, you made my day

On a random weekday afternoon, she was sitting in her favorite coffee shop; decided to go out for a smoke … a random passerby she has just met on the corner shop - where she stopped earlier to buy a magazine - stopped by. He stared. The stare lasted an eternity.

“You are beautiful you know?” he finally declared. “I don’t mean the typical compliment you hear by everyday people. You really are beautiful. People here have lost value of the words they use. Everyone is telling everyone else “I love you” you know? Sometimes I feel I don’t want to say such words anymore… even when I mean them – they sound cheap. Worthless. But I couldn’t refrain myself from saying this to you. And I knew you would understand it exactly how I meant it”.

She was struck by an eternal silence. She didn’t know what to reply. She kept quiet but didn’t spare him a smile. He smiled back and left.

And she thought to herself – she wished she could reply to him when the time was appropriate. She wished she could formulate the words. But they were stuck in her stomach. She was speechless. It has been a while since she was able to disconnect. And thanks to this stranger; she realized that she still existed in the dream world; that reality didn’t succeed in completely taking over her mind. It took over her flesh yes. But somewhere, deep inside her mind … deep inside her soul; she is still a dreamer. She still believes that random strangers overcome by a beautiful energy do exist. Dream world is not lost. She only lost her path into it.

She would have loved to run behind him; she would have loved to stop in the middle of the street and scream “thank you”. For he has made her day … with a simple little one-way chat … with a genuine smile … he put her right on track; back to the dream world.

Illusion is not lost. Beautiful people do still exist. Words still have their values … only somewhere else!