Sunday, 21 February 2010

i stopped writing

until further emotions
reveal otherwise

Sunday, 14 February 2010

stupid little things.

It is fascinating how we – unsophisticated humans – tend to cling to stupid meaningless symbols that remind us of enormous emotions we could have felt at some point in time, of cherished memories of someone who is long gone, of a moment in life where we thought that what we are experiencing is heaven, that we could die in peace; now that light has shown upon us in a moment of elation.

But the light, once there and worshiped, never stays. It fades into filaments of tiny particles that embed in emblems that we encounter in our daily lives; such as the color purple, or the sunrays, or the initials of his name or the sound of the thunder. Stupid little things, serving nothing but bringing out faded memories we are failing to overcome …

Friday, 12 February 2010


Background: Below is a post of non-sense, made up of fragments of nocturnal thoughts shaped by booze, a tired body and a mind overcome by sleeplessness.
Guidelines: If you by any chance happen to grasp a meaning out of this post, then you definitely need to seek help for over using your analytical mind and trying to draw a finding out of nothing but illusions and a bunch of meaningless sentences compressed together in a pathetic attempt to come up with a poem.

The end always has the same glow of the beginning
It is a vicious cycle after all
The one we are living in
It all ends where it begins
Sometimes there are years in between,
Minutes or fragments of a second
But momentary madness undefined by the rules of space and time
Lasts as long as a heartbeat
It could be a fragment of a second,
Minutes or years
But at the end, it all starts where it ends

Is it starting to end… or is it ending into a new start?

Friday, 5 February 2010

Undesirable reminiscences.

We spend our lifetime accommodating to the loss
It could be the death of someone special, or possibly a dog
The failure in a career or the ridiculousness to maintain a social life
The breakup of a long flourished relationship
That we thought was going to last
The death of a nation – or a flag
Any loss

At times, I think we should bow to the magnificent creation
Called forgetting
If the human mind, was able to remember all the single details
Feelings, events, sparks and disappointments
We will be rotting in our memories, forgetting that ahead of us
Lays a new unexplored horizon of many more fights to overcome

If we are trapped in our disappointing memories
Will we ever be able to live?