Sunday, 14 February 2010

stupid little things.

It is fascinating how we – unsophisticated humans – tend to cling to stupid meaningless symbols that remind us of enormous emotions we could have felt at some point in time, of cherished memories of someone who is long gone, of a moment in life where we thought that what we are experiencing is heaven, that we could die in peace; now that light has shown upon us in a moment of elation.

But the light, once there and worshiped, never stays. It fades into filaments of tiny particles that embed in emblems that we encounter in our daily lives; such as the color purple, or the sunrays, or the initials of his name or the sound of the thunder. Stupid little things, serving nothing but bringing out faded memories we are failing to overcome …

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Anonymous said...

this is probably my favourite of yours. if you don't mind, you have inspired me, and i may write something similar.