Sunday, 29 May 2011


Part one

The city is sleeping
But I am not
I haven’t downed too much alcohol tonight
To put me straight in Sandman’s Land

The city is sleeping
But how could she sleep?
Can’t she realize what is going on around her?
Can’t she see that the world is changing?
The whole universe is changing…

Doesn’t she feel fear?
Can a city be this cold blooded?
How can she simply close her eyes
And disconnect from everything around her?

This oblivious city
Turning her back on past and present
Turning her back on me

This oblivious city
I envy for her peace of mind

Part two

As the city sleeps
I sit in my bed
Daydreaming about walking in the empty streets
Fantasizing about a breathe of cool air
Stroking my face
Lingering between the thin threads of my hair
While my bare feet are being soaked
Of streets wet of summer rain

As the city sleeps
I feel betrayed
I sit still and wonder
Who will be keeping me company tonight?

Monday, 9 May 2011

Emptiness in a box*

Today I feel the emptiness inside adding up
Soon enough it is going to flood from inside
Float, pour outside my skin, and surround my body
Soon enough I am going to bathe in it

Feeling hollow on the inside is one thing
And swimming in a pool of nothingness is another
I cannot tell which is worst

The old me would say: soon I will color the void around me
Carve it with smiley faces and happy shapes

But I am not feeling this urge anymore

My refuge is grey space, a fragile box I reside in
And a mental trip to a past, altered enough
That I can no longer retrieve memory from imagination

Sunday, 8 May 2011

The poem that came to life

The poem was lying there. On the bed, between us
It wasn’t complete yet. It was forming itself
Trying to fill in the blank, created by our silence
The poem had a mind of its own
I am not sure if it was waiting for us to create its story line
Or if it was forming a story on its own
Telling about this couple
Lying on the bed
And watching a poem being formed