Monday, 21 November 2011

On a clear perplexity

You do not have to be here
When the lack of your presence
Is not equivalent to your absence

You do not have to make promises
When every word your lips utter
Is an eternal promise carved on my eternal soul

You do not have to make up excuses
When you know that I can see through you
And that with a smile I embrace all your lies

You do not have to even speak to me
When your silence speaks much louder than your words
And way straighter to my heart

'intimacy affair'

A new concept that refers to the new trend of effective and efficient relationships for independent working women.

It is an affair - hence the secrecy. Even if it wasn't a complete secret; it is not as if women will walk around talking about it.

It is not love - hence not a 'love affair'

It is more than just sex

It is 'intimacy'

It is seeking moments of intimacy - when one can get personal with the other ... sharing their private natures with no strings attached. It is being able to be one's self in such small moments in time. It is this indescribable closeness that comes at the right dose to ease off everything else going on in the world. That small particular degree of disconnection that leaves you feeling as if there is nothing more you could ask for. Just, intimacy.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Random existential rambling

Her: I need higher ceilings
Him: are you mixing your pills again?
Her: did it end?
Him: how could it end since it never started?
Her: I thought I saw a red balloon behind that cloud
Him: it was a fish flying. Stop hallucinating.
Her: I saw you holding it. The thread was long
Him: I was holding a toothpick between my fingers
Her: Saturn is getting closer
Him: it's not Saturn. It is a red balloon. And you are holding it
Her: so it did start
Him: shut up. I like you better when you're a fish
Her: the fish doesn't think. The fish is mute. Expressionless
Him: Saturn is getting closer
Her: I must swim away

Saturday, 12 November 2011


Her: "I need higher ceilings"
Him: "Did you mix your pills again?"

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


I am a creature of habit
And I move in circles around you
I will admit there's a pattern
One I created myself

None of my lovers dared leave me
I grew impatient and stale
Didn't look back once I'd left them
Cause I always expected to fail

But this time it's different
The rules don't apply
But I need some distance to step out of line

So grant me this wish and meet me back here in a year
If we still exist, I can let go of my fear
Fear of normalcy
Fear of the solid walls of our future and let go of my past

I must be crazy to want this
Cause you are the girl of my dreams
But I'm prone to ruin the good things
Cautious 'round balance it seems

*Lyrics of Maria Mena song - Habits