Thursday, 24 September 2009


Last night
I packed myself
With cellophane paper
Used to pack luggage
I positioned a “FRAGILE” tag,
Not on my toe, no
For I am not dead yet -
I tagged it on the center
Of my chest
Right above the huddle
Of pumping red tissues
I dropped myself
On your door

Comes morning sun
You find me there
Stand over my body
Give me a look of aloofness
Hold me vigilantly
Take me into your house
Go up the stairs
Put me in the attic
And leave home to start your new day

All I wanted was a hug.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

In nowhere land*

The Grand Palace,
Bangkok, Thailand.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Egoistic trip*

She craves for attention
Every inch of her does
Even her menstrual blood

She thrives under the spotlight
Seeks admirers and voyeurs
Looks deep into their eyes
To find a spark of admiration
Validating her existence

She dances under the water
Plays air-guitar beneath her bed
Draws butterflies on the pillows
With her bodily discharges

She observes miseries
Looks up to people who dream

She creates a world of illusions
Where everything she sees exists
And what she doesn’t see
Is not
Never was
And will not be

Existence is through her eyes only.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

time and place*

From David Spiller's exhibition "Trying to get to heaven before they close the door"

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A fictitious reality - Farewell Waltz*

The music was loud
And I was immersed by the vibes
Around me were characters
From a novel I just finished reading
The musicians, looking elated
With every note played
Expressions on their faces
Look as if they were orgasming
And I think to myself
How divine, for a person to create
A note, a child
Just to be able
To create

Around me were characters
From a novel I just finished reading
Feeble minds
People whose past and future
Are nothing but one
Simply because they don’t
Prove their existence
In the realm of the mortals
You remember how they were
Ten years ago
And meet with them again
Twenty years later
And they are still the same

Around me were characters
From a novel I just finished reading
There is the dreamer
Who lives elsewhere
You think she is among us
But her mind is on a different planet
Scrutinizing humanity
From high above
Mocking our generation
And the fast pace it took
To realizing its carnal goals
To achieving its useless ends
Not stopping for a moment
To absorb notes
Played by some musicians
Who dedicate their existence
To the creation of something
We all long to imitate

Monday, 7 September 2009

On the dark side of the coin

You’re on my mind
But you don’t mind

You’re in my sight
You can barely hide

You’re self absorbed
And much adored

You have me caught
Words hung in my throat

I can barely breathe
But you never cease

To keep me on toes
With all your vows

You’re a malediction
Inflicting affection

In my naïve soul
I can barely drawl

You fascinate me
Raise hell in me

Hang on near
You are my gear

In my land of dark
Through you I spark

Delirium made flesh_

A fool man lives in my head
He comes out in the hour of darkness
Making an imperceptible appearance
In my night’s first dream

The fool man restrains my brain
From dozing off
He gives way to sleeplessness
The whole night through

The fool man is evil
He wants to suffocate me
He presses my legs and shoulders
He lifts me up from my bed
Takes me on a trip while I scream unheard
Knowing that he is in my head
The fool man throws me on the ground
Each night
He throws me on the ground

I wake up dumbfounded
Each night
I know the fool man is transparent
I know he is in my head
But he is stronger than I am
He is taking my sleep away

Sunday, 6 September 2009

strange infatuation*

When moments perceived as eternity
Pass by in fractions of seconds
And the hours fly by
And you are still where you are
On that bed
In that homely room
Next to the same person
Talking about the vital and the trivial
Worrying about nothing outside the walls
Feeling nothing but the soothe and comfort
Of the moment

When this scene is repeated
In your mind, the day after
And your heart goes on beating
The same beats of excitement
And ecstasy
And you long for the coming opportunity
To relive a moment away
Outside the walls of this life
Outside its ups and downs
In the same room filled by the imaginary delight
And the ongoing rummaging of lost dreams
Turning them into bits of reality
Only real inside the barricades of your thoughts

Then, and only then
Hang on to that heart beat
For it is the small things
In the person next to you
That make you enjoy each minute spent
That are worth dreaming and longing for

Thursday, 3 September 2009


There is a noise in my head
A scarcely audible noise
It comes from a place faraway
From the mouth of a little girl
Uttering hushed words
In the ear of a little boy
Sitting beside her
On a hill, up above the sea
She tells him a story
Of a dream she once had
To go to a place so faraway
Where she would meet a little boy
Sit beside him on a hill,
Up above the sea
How at sunset, her words would
Fade, drown with the sun
And be embraced
By the deity of the deep sea
Who will make them pigments
Coloring grains of sand
And drop them little by little
In the daydreams of the girl
When eternity had passed
And the memory of this place
Is barely recalled
She will be in her prime
She will hear a noise in her head
A scarcely audible noise
Of words uttered ages ago
By a little girl
Sitting next to a little boy
On a hill, right above the sea
In a place that is far away
But will she remember?