Thursday, 3 September 2009


There is a noise in my head
A scarcely audible noise
It comes from a place faraway
From the mouth of a little girl
Uttering hushed words
In the ear of a little boy
Sitting beside her
On a hill, up above the sea
She tells him a story
Of a dream she once had
To go to a place so faraway
Where she would meet a little boy
Sit beside him on a hill,
Up above the sea
How at sunset, her words would
Fade, drown with the sun
And be embraced
By the deity of the deep sea
Who will make them pigments
Coloring grains of sand
And drop them little by little
In the daydreams of the girl
When eternity had passed
And the memory of this place
Is barely recalled
She will be in her prime
She will hear a noise in her head
A scarcely audible noise
Of words uttered ages ago
By a little girl
Sitting next to a little boy
On a hill, right above the sea
In a place that is far away
But will she remember?

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