Thursday, 29 September 2011

Purple things*

The box is full
And it is starting to spill them out
They are taking over the place
The floor is all wet now
If you set foot on it you will slide

But all of it doesn’t matter
Because to you, they are invisible
To your oblivious self, they don’t exist

You can easily fly above the floor
You can easily soar
Right into your cave
Your comfort zone of oblivion

I am not offering them to you
I am just asking of you
To acknowledge their existence

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Emptiness knocked on my door
And stormed in uninvited
It came in the shape of Beauty
The worst of all masquerades
Evil witty Beauty
The kind, the most virtuous of all cannot turn down

Emptiness was in disguise
And I was blinded by the vice
The moment I thought I was on top
Turned out I was looking at the world upside down

Emptiness carved a place in my heart
Locked itself in and refused to go out
It was eating my soul
One bite at a time
It was sucking on my blood
Hollowing out my bones

Until we became one

I am Emptiness, Beauty in disguise