Sunday, 7 October 2012


I woke up this morning to the sound of silence
It is a beautiful sound to wake up to
That and the sound of another human's breathing
Too close to one's ear
While it rains outside.

I woke up this morning to the sound of silence
While inside my head the voices were talking to me still
Repeating words that once left your lips
Putting my mind in a kind of haze
Mobilizing all my senses
I could actually smell you, feel you  

I woke up this morning to the sound of silence
And my heart felt heavy with the void you left in me

When the memory of you is no longer enough to fill the blankness
What could I possibly do to quiet this loaded silence?

Friday, 28 September 2012

At that moment in time...

I open my eyes
My vision does not change
It's darker still
Darker than it was when I had my eyes shut

I close them again
"What have I become?" I think to myself
"You became what you were aiming for right from the start" I hear the voice saying

I open my eyes 
It's darker still
But it's a different kind of darkness
One I can smell, touch and taste
Darkness I can feel, entering through each and every pore of my skin
Filling me up 
Engulfing me
Soon enough, my insides are one with my surrounding 
My skin grows thinner 
Until it ceases to exist

I think to myself "what have I become?"
I crave for the voice that once left me petrified to answer me back
I silently scream begging to be heard

But my question although has left my mind
Never made it to my lips
And I lay there fighting with my own demons 
In the darkness that I have become

Monday, 24 September 2012

In a parallel existence

I still exist
Although I have become odorless
The same night my detached shadow deserted me
I strolled and strolled endlessly 
But I was going in circles ... And the shadow was nowhere to be seen

I still exist
Although I have become expressionless 
My lips sealed with a needle and a thread
My fingers glued to an invisible wall 
My brains, once scrambled, now dry

I still exist 
Although I have become colorless
And the dead skin around my extremities is pealing off on its own. Slowly. 
Even my skin has chosen to split with me

As I stand here and decay
I know that in your memory
I still exist

Sunday, 12 August 2012

The weight of your void*

I search for your warmth 
Between the arms of strangers 
I look for you everywhere I go 
I crave the rush of adrenaline I get 
When I picture your ghost 
Strolling down empty streets 
I chase it 
The closest I get to it 
The more your face fades away 
Until I find myself facing nothingness 
Then, I turn my back and walk away 
Thinking about the weight of your void

Saturday, 28 July 2012

I am not there yet.

Scattered racing thoughts Like scattered papers on my desk Roam between the fragments Of my scrambled brains Reality set off on a sprint I just saw her standing around the corner A couple of days ago What incited this spur? Why the rush? Reality is endless Immortal Why did she feel the urge to knock on my door right now? Why is she pulling my feet back down? Reality, give me a break I will come back to you unhurriedly When my dream fades away …

Monday, 14 May 2012

Morning inspiration*

In the depth of your stare I drift Then I shrink And disappear Into the pores of your skin I fly up to your brains Scrambled little brains I scrutinize Fascinated, I tremble And disappear again I wake up in my own bed On my own With your scent lingering in my nostrils And your shadows in my head And in my spirit, a hole Growing deeper… like my longing to you

Sunday, 1 April 2012

My brainworm*

You are a walking novel
Or maybe a piece of poetry
Created by the gods
Just before the mind was able to give birth to an idea

You are a fairytale
That no one could decipher its ending

You are a rare piece of art
I was holding in my palms
That transformed from static to the living
When I whispered to it ‘you’re beautiful’

You are a concept in my mind
A complex bouquet of nerves
Clutching together in most strange of ways

A brainworm

Once developed into a butterfly
Will fly away and set my mind free

Till that day comes
In my head, good vibes you breed

Friday, 16 March 2012

A point in time.

On our little island
We disconnect
And time stands still
As our spirits become one

On our little island
We drift
And nothing seems to matter

People come to life
Others go
Seasons change
But all remains the same

On that little island
Our no man's land


Is one thing I lack
Ever since I colored the sun green

The grass turned yellow
The caves went all red

You stepped on the back of my neck
And made your way
Right into my head

Since then you are stuck
Since then I am stuck
In my own thoughts and fantasies

Even when you disappear
The sun remains green

See painting with a mind is irrevocable

Thursday, 16 February 2012

A vision of the kitchen floor.

Let me run my fingers on your back
And carve my nails into your skin
Let me caress you, hold your breath
The trip is long
No rush, no rush
Let me tiptoe on the kitchen floor
Where you lie naked and drained
Even desire has left you
Let alone fame
Let me carve my nails deeper
Till drops of your blood appear
On pink clots formed on your skin
Your drops of blood taste like fresh apples
Maturing under sunlit summer trees
Your drops of blood
Running on the edge of your lips
So inviting, so inviting
Let me caress you, hold your breath
The trip is long
Too long
Too long