Friday, 28 September 2012

At that moment in time...

I open my eyes
My vision does not change
It's darker still
Darker than it was when I had my eyes shut

I close them again
"What have I become?" I think to myself
"You became what you were aiming for right from the start" I hear the voice saying

I open my eyes 
It's darker still
But it's a different kind of darkness
One I can smell, touch and taste
Darkness I can feel, entering through each and every pore of my skin
Filling me up 
Engulfing me
Soon enough, my insides are one with my surrounding 
My skin grows thinner 
Until it ceases to exist

I think to myself "what have I become?"
I crave for the voice that once left me petrified to answer me back
I silently scream begging to be heard

But my question although has left my mind
Never made it to my lips
And I lay there fighting with my own demons 
In the darkness that I have become

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