Monday, 24 September 2012

In a parallel existence

I still exist
Although I have become odorless
The same night my detached shadow deserted me
I strolled and strolled endlessly 
But I was going in circles ... And the shadow was nowhere to be seen

I still exist
Although I have become expressionless 
My lips sealed with a needle and a thread
My fingers glued to an invisible wall 
My brains, once scrambled, now dry

I still exist 
Although I have become colorless
And the dead skin around my extremities is pealing off on its own. Slowly. 
Even my skin has chosen to split with me

As I stand here and decay
I know that in your memory
I still exist

1 comment:

Far Beyond The Ridge said...

Funny how memories are shadowless. And howonce we cursed the scrambled brain.
Can we build new shadows from shards of broken?
New imagination from wells played out?
I wonder