Sunday, 6 September 2009

strange infatuation*

When moments perceived as eternity
Pass by in fractions of seconds
And the hours fly by
And you are still where you are
On that bed
In that homely room
Next to the same person
Talking about the vital and the trivial
Worrying about nothing outside the walls
Feeling nothing but the soothe and comfort
Of the moment

When this scene is repeated
In your mind, the day after
And your heart goes on beating
The same beats of excitement
And ecstasy
And you long for the coming opportunity
To relive a moment away
Outside the walls of this life
Outside its ups and downs
In the same room filled by the imaginary delight
And the ongoing rummaging of lost dreams
Turning them into bits of reality
Only real inside the barricades of your thoughts

Then, and only then
Hang on to that heart beat
For it is the small things
In the person next to you
That make you enjoy each minute spent
That are worth dreaming and longing for


Anonymous said...

Sometimes questions left unanswered are those he longs for discovering,
They might dance always in the realms of reality and illusion, untill he checks the blog and consume again the bits, peices and fragrances once existed... Yet he knows that time feist on souls and memories... Yet they existed once and will never exist again... He sleeps next to his gun to protect himself from the fear of them alive in a lost memory *

Anonymous said...

Living* in a lost memory