Monday, 9 May 2011

Emptiness in a box*

Today I feel the emptiness inside adding up
Soon enough it is going to flood from inside
Float, pour outside my skin, and surround my body
Soon enough I am going to bathe in it

Feeling hollow on the inside is one thing
And swimming in a pool of nothingness is another
I cannot tell which is worst

The old me would say: soon I will color the void around me
Carve it with smiley faces and happy shapes

But I am not feeling this urge anymore

My refuge is grey space, a fragile box I reside in
And a mental trip to a past, altered enough
That I can no longer retrieve memory from imagination

1 comment:

trailofleaves said...

There are moments when the void and emptiness become a heaving ocean, teeming with waves, and drowning us whole. Emptiness seeps out, becomes tangible, and the box, our own self, is lost amidst this tumultuous roar, this endless torrent. Our self grows to the point where it vanishes; and our sight drowns in light to the point where we become blind.

I've stumbled upon your blog by mistake. Enjoyed reading!

Don't know how well I understood your poem.