Saturday, 10 October 2009

To do.

Get your body out of bed
Throw your mind from the window
Take a long shower
Wash out all the gloom
Wash out the regret with it
Put on your best of gowns
And your most of appealing of masks
Some touch of make-up and gloss
Tear your cheeks with your fingers
To both extremes
Until the smile is there
Yes, this smile
Do you see it?
Reckon it
You will be seeing much of it
Keep it on
And go out to the world
You don’t have to speak
You don’t have to listen
Just smile
Pretend all is going just great
And keep it this way
Until the smile becomes just natural
And the oblivion you’re in
Becomes your only persona
And then you die.

1 comment:

marooned84 said...

Everyday I look for a mask that would suit me but I don't have one. What shall I do?