Wednesday, 13 January 2010

There is a place for people like us*

The little girl
Has a long way to go
There is a rainbow at the end
Life in all its colors
But the path as she sees it
Is dark and slippery
At times she’ll lose her way
At times she’ll go astray
Mistaking pebbles for strawberries
And thorns for rays of light
But in the mist of dark
Her heartbeats will lead her
The little girl
Has a long way to go
Maybe by the time she reaches the rainbow
Her soul would have become
Tainted with the dirt of the road
Wrecked with the lingering torment
Broken and old
Would she still find her once young spirit
When her body has endured
The reckless journey
With the hope of finding the rainbow?
How much can the skin endure?
How far would the spirit go
To keep itself
Young, untamed and white?

1 comment:

Innate_Inanenuss said...

Very Beautiful...very much so.

Well I have nothing to say except that: such road...or rather such destination n Rainbow..deserves a try. And I also add that that in all its colors..must first be inside of us..before it's before us; actually it can't be before us unless it's inside of us first. And so long we preserve it within us. It will protect us from the dirt of the road.

You are beautiful.