Tuesday, 27 July 2010

She is dust

She opens the door
Steps out of the colored room
Right onto the roof top
She wears her wings of sunrays
Jumps down the valley
In the speed of sound
Flies between the shy clouds
She looks for a companion
But the space is empty
She thought she wasn’t alone when she let herself jump
But her alter personalities betrayed her
Alone, she landed on a rainbow
Slid down
Until its colors vanished
Until all became grey and white
Even her hair and nail polish
The journey that she saw ending in a blink of an eye
Proved endless to the outer world
But for her, she is who she was
No strings of time can change her
No gravity can pull her down
Flesh and blood she is, between earth and stars

1 comment:

Michael Solender said...

start a new one with your last line, a great openerr..