Friday, 15 April 2011

Still Sun*

It is when silence stands as a heavy wall
Between your two bodies

When your faces become expressionless
And your wandering minds
Are constantly seeking an escape
From the reality surrounding you
From the human form, in front of you

It is when colors fade and music becomes noise
When the wind becomes still
No laughs, no tears, not even remorse

This is when you should step back, turn around
And fetch a new start
For no moment is worth wasting
When everything is clear, under the sun


Karime said...

so lovely!

Shauna said...

You've written the deep water of
human emotions, Brava.

Anonymous said...

yes yes!

Anonymous said...

I too came to love/someone/ impossible/worlds apart/ apart
as seperate columns

Triptune said...

i love this one !