Sunday, 29 January 2012

On feelings...unwanted.

Nothing good will come out of me
Until I am able to throw out
All the feelings I have inside

I want to see them coming out of my mouth
A rainbow of colors
I want to see them splashing on the floor under me
I want to be able to step on them and walk away

I want them to evaporate under the desert’s hot sun
I want them to sink into the sponge-like sand below

I just want them to disappear
With no evidence whatsoever that they even existed

Loneliness does all sorts of things to the brain
Wicked images are normalized
Sick thoughts become only natural

Anything to fill in the hole inside
Just anything could do
Even the sight of a stranger’s smile
Warming up … Seconds before it dies

Loneliness does all sorts of things to the brain

1 comment:

Far Beyond The Ridge said...

i don't trust the loneliness.
it makes too comfortable a bedfellow.
and without our feelings, what are we?