Saturday, 20 December 2008

the unbearable unreality.

She drew closer to realizing she can no longer live in her own mind.
She felt it this time. She did not think about it. It might not be rational therefore.

Reality gives her horrible feelings. She’d rather live in her own twisted mind…where nothing is touchable, where nothing lasts.

She refuses to exist. In a world she cannot tolerate. In a world where humans are labeled, discriminated against, disrespected and void. In a world where feelings have no color, and where only dreadful minds can progress.

She had to move on. To the other side of reality. Only to find out, that there too she was not herself.

What is this “self”? What is this ego that cannot exist devoid of an impeccable surrounding to complete it?

Will it come a time when she will proudly reveal her true self; which she perfectly understands? Will this long-lasting struggle to define her identity ever come to an end?

What is it like to be human?

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