Friday, 30 January 2009

Human 101.

You disgust me

With your mysterious stance

Your fake being

Your fake hair

Your fake smile

Your fake friendships

Based on lies.

You disgust me

With your shallow mind

Your superficial thoughts

Your attitude that craves for attention

Your ego that yells to be seen, heard and touched.

Your behavior makes me sick

I can’t believe I was too close to calling you a friend

I can’t believe we almost got along

Then again, I was in a state of oblivion

I craved for attention

I craved for freedom

I craved for that which I didn’t have

Now that I am at peace with myself

I decided to move on

Your time will come to grow up too

I think

I hope

No actually, I don’t hope

I want nothing to do with you anymore.

Full stop.

photos by: Once upon a time*



How about we call it a day???

shefeels said...

mmmm. good 1. those words go to many out there. people that waste ur time.