Monday, 19 January 2009


I came to work today, deciding to keep silent. I spoke no words, for four hours. It is interesting how people look at you when you are silent. When they talk and you just nod, or smile. And in their minds they go like “what is wrong with me? Why is she not talking to me? What have I done? … or maybe she is the freak!” I could read those thoughts; in their eyes, in their smiles and insecure gazes.

I do not do this to be special.

I do not do this to draw attention to me.

Attention is there.

I am not.

I choose to live in a world of silence … a world in which no one exists but me. No thoughts can be heard but my own. No explanations have to be given. No excuses are necessary. Living in my own mind; with my own thoughts. Looking at people through the eyes of silence. Breaking the wall of words with my stare. Not caring what they think or how they react.

I deleted all the senses.

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We've been through this before! Try muting all the sounds, this is when you can really hear your thoughts!