Thursday, 26 November 2009

An ephemeral bliss

Today my mind is good for nothing
My thoughts keep drifting and flying
Each time I come to set them on something useful
They slip right through my fingers
I am not able to center my ideas
On anything valuable

Instead, I am daydreaming
Of the colorful horizon
At the end of my mind frame
The rainbow of opportunities and ventures
The trip on the back of a butterfly
To the land where the soul is free
From all conventions and morals
Where the mind is unperturbed
By daily distresses and unease
And the body is liberated
From the strains of fabric and make up

I reach out to touch this horizon
And with a gesture of my inept hand
I spill my coffee
On my feet and my daydreams
Awakening my wandering mind
Dragging it out of the house of fantasies
Back to mind-numbing reality

In everyday life, Fantasy is dead.

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