Tuesday, 17 November 2009

i write to remember.

I polish my nails each a different color
Hoping that this would add some colors to my soul
I cut my hair, each day a bit shorter
Hoping that this would cut out the dark feelings inside
I wear hippie cloths and walk bare feet
Hoping that this would prove my existence

In a world that is turning colorless, feeling-less and cold

I reach out to you, hug you till it hurts
Hoping that this would show you I still feel
I grab you, grasp you till you suffocate
Hoping that afterwards I will be the one to make you breathe
And then, I will go back to polishing my nails,
Cutting my hair and trying on different cloths,

And then, I will write about it on my blog.
And then, I will read it emotively the day after
Trying to recollect the facts that triggered this flow of emotions.

I write to remember.


Innate_Inanenuss said...

You know? I sometimes write to forget...

you know what as well? we shud get together...if people like us don't get together, I wonder who would?!! Your pain is my pain...this state of forlornness is universal..it's the human condition in this life. It happened that only a relatively "few" ppl like us are awake to it...alert by its pressure..we shud get together..

Michael Solender said...

a very strong piece with much emotion..well done..