Saturday, 5 December 2009

Burning desire_

It all starts with a stroke
An itching stroke
And the flame is on
It glows, at start
It is sparkling
Full of life
Few moments
Until it starts eating itself
It eats you
Feeds on its own flesh
And that spiritual fraction of it
It gives a pleasant sensation
You wish it could last
But it is burning
Is it what they call joy of pain?
You want to feed it
Don’t you?
You want to keep the fire going
The addiction to feeling
To the peak of emotions
To the spur of this strange substance
Being transformed
From matter to air
As it leaves the body
That desire
Oriented to the outside
Will soon be nothing
But ashes
You will look at for a long while
Contemplate the desire
Turned into substantial matter
You can actually touch it
What does it feel like?
Materializing emotions
For how long are you willing to feed the flame?


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