Thursday, 10 December 2009

some sour vibes

I have a bitter taste in my mouth
Must be from swallowing all the acrimony
Of people around me
And not being able to digest it

It is hard to absorb the vibes of hostility
They get stuck somewhere
Between mouth and esophagus
Provoking a kind of nausea
Not even the heaviest of meals
Embraced with fat and stodgy lipids
Ever make me feel

If just I can vomit those emotions


Michael Solender said...

wow. some true angst here. ditch those bastards and hang with people that make you feel good....

Derailed Poet said...

Some people irk my soul, sounds like we've run into the same people.

Anonymous said...

i would change your title to read 'sour some vibes'. it would be alot more confrontational and also direct.
i think it would go with the poem alot better.

by placing your adjective 'some' at the beginning, you are speaking in a passive voice and i didn't get that 'vibe' from the content of the poem.