Sunday, 24 May 2009

Of acid nights - part two

We had dinner out in the real world, surrounded by flesh bounded people, discussing earthly matters, sharing the same plate of bliss. Hours later. We drove into the mountains to enter our world; to enter the white room of our delirium.

“If I wake up tomorrow with your scent on my skin, does it mean that tonight was real?”

“Why do you want to wait till tomorrow to avow the reality of the night? You have a piece of me on your neck; I have you under my skin”

“… But the clock is still not ticking”

“Well … It is said that time knows no distance, yet it conditions to exist within it … Do you think it takes time or distance to stop a clock on the wall from ticking?”

“I think the existence of the clock is deliberate of time and distance”
“You are wrong. Even death could not cheat time and distance. But I am willing to do so … Maybe by cheating; I could steal you for a moment in time, take you some place that is not encircled by earthly substance – a place that does not exist in space – and embrace you for eternity”

“So it is not existent”

“So we exist in our non-existence”

We leave the room. 12:45. We watch the skies turning from dark blue to white. We sip our coffee calmly, out in the real world, surrounded by flesh bounded people as we discuss earthly matters, sharing fresh memories of our one delirium … watching it fade its colors, slowly but surely, into the world of black and white.

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