Friday, 8 May 2009

The pinnacle of delirium*

Rummaging around for a reason
To keep me up

Through the night

Because this is the only moment of time

When I feel close to you
When I can listen to you humming
Even though you are millions of miles away
When I can feel your hands caressing me
And your body shivering
From touching my coldness
It is only at night
When all sounds are rancid

And all colors are rubbed out
That I am with you
Sharing one delirium

Of some insane lass
Who enjoys making up characters
Out of dreary individuals
She meets in her everyday life
Never too satisfied

With the outcome of humanity

It is only there
In her mind
At night
That we exist

1 comment:

DC said...

this poem's quite frantic. i like how the lack of punctuation is working in this one in particular. but they're all good (and wonderfully nasty!) fyi ;)