Monday, 11 May 2009

The road to Prizren*

I wish my memory had the power
To retain all the breath-taking scenery

I have seen in my quarter of a century years

But my brain cells are transmuted

They only retain what I feel
Never what I see, hear, smell or touch

My mind is sensationally dysfunctional

It cares not about the outside world
What matter are the colors inside

A constant state of oblivion
Throwing me in the world of my dreams

Reality is shaded

Veiled, under my forgotten reminiscences

Will the colors ever disappear?


marooned84 said...

It's like you feel a tinge of sadness when u're happy beyond expression.

Anonymous said...

loved this one !!! i dont think it will ever disappear

Anonymous said...

im loving the shots !!! good job :)

Jazzie said...

Your poetry progressed a lot lately.

And Oh.My.God, your hair! Fabulous!