Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Concede defeat.

My hair grew longer over night
My eyes gained a lost look over the originally lustful one
My body seemed insignificantly light
And moved accordingly
My shoes felt feather lighted
And started taking me places

It wasn’t totally what I expected
When I ventured into that cave of yours
It wasn’t in my plans
I was so oblivious
To let my emotions
Take over the tiny amount of rationality
Existing in me
Just by hearing you uttering these words
With that heart-filling voice of yours
Crossing lands and seas
Invading my being
As if you were there
As if I could touch you
As if you existed

I am inside that cave again
And I am scared
I am petrified
Will you give me my colors back?

Originally written on 16-05-2009, in Pristina – Kosovo

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