Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The exact opposite of independence*

In search for infatuation
She lost her ability to articulate emotions
The nights no longer captivate her
The darkness fails to inspire her
And the words surpass her mind
Unattached, indifferent to her state of being

To her, he is a mystery
She will never succeed in deciphering
The moment she comes to think
That she is getting to understand
A tiny molecule
Of his gigantic substance
He clouts a slap in her face
Throwing her back to earth
To her own reality
Which she should have never left

The moment she decides never to flee it again
Her own reality
And sticks to her corner
In the shades of a sun
That was one day hers
That was one day her own
His invisible hands lift her up
To a cloud she has never visited before
To a land she long yearned for
Some place she never knew the sun shone
And the colors existed
Devoid of all hindrances
Devoid of all mysteries

She cannot need him.

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