Tuesday, 16 June 2009


But I am more than dead
Can a death be magnified?
I died many times
Does this count?

The day you tinted my mood black
That day, you started throwing stones in the pool of my emotions
They do hurt, you know?
Your soft, shiny stones

I thought we were playing a game
Where you would hide and give me signals
With your soft, shiny stones
So that I find you and embrace you till eternity

I didn’t know your stones were in concealing outfit
I didn’t know they had thorns and harmed my internal organs
I will quit playing with death
Discolor my mood again


Ice Queer said...

"The day you tinted my mood black" <3

D.C. Porder said...

I really love the questions in this poem. Questions are great for involving the reader and altering the pace. In my workshop today, my professor was talking about this very subject, in fact.