Saturday, 24 April 2010

Hope, I am calling you.

As days go by
The rainbow towards the end
Is becoming to seem too faraway
For the naked eye to see
The rainbow that is called hope
For a better ending, a happy ending
Is becoming blurry
The vision is diverted
By the clouds of gloom
Resulting from daily distractions
Inciting the mind to worry about the here and now
Instead of looking ahead
People are depressed
Others are not satisfied with who they turned out to be
Some others feel they are stuck in spots, not even in circles
Till when will this vision remain hazy?
How far will we go
Before sunrays decide to light up our paths -again
And lead us to the colors
To life, … in all its flavors?
When will the gray fade
And give way to a high spirits
And an earnest smile?

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