Saturday, 17 April 2010

One sporadic chapter *

People often lose touch with reality
I have lost touch with the dream world
I found myself, feet stuck to the ground
Surrounded by concrete, flesh bound people
Talking and arguing, using their brains
Discussing rational ideas

I found people walking instead of flying
Cars speeding instead of slowing their pace
For the passengers to take pleasure in the scenery
Men in business suits running around
Checking the time relentlessly
As if times rules them, and not the other way round

The world has lost it.

I glanced through, looking for dream land shoes,
Those were gone. Vanished.

I found myself bare feet stuck to the ground
I too am running
I too am constantly watching the clock
I too have been struck with this hell bound spell called reality

My days became so hectic
I have no more time to daydream
Let alone write about it
My nights, which I came to worship as a time for the body to rest
Instead of being a time to set free the mind,
A time for disconnection from the tiring day life, and people
My former dreamless nights,
Became packed with endless nightmares
Became interrupted by sudden wake ups
Flashbacks of deadlines and unfinished tasks

I want my dream-shoes back.

1 comment:

H_Yulia said...

me too I am barefoot and I want my dream shoes now!
will buy some Crocs soon :)