Thursday, 29 April 2010

Revocation of the 'I'

I am walking backwards
On the stairway of life
I am stripping off
The layers of my skin
Slowly, one by one
With each goes a memory
An experience
A failure, a triumph
Sometimes just a sensation

As I am pulling off
The dust that accumulated
On my spirits and soul
I was hoping I could see once more
The shape of the person in which I was born
The original, clean self
Unharmed, untouched, undressed
With no imposed thoughts
With no social constructs

Peeling layer after layer
Yet the skin is still thick
How far did I go in tainting myself?
Is there any way back?
Is that what they call the revocation of the ‘I’?

1 comment:

Innate_Inanenuss said...

The past, huh? And they say that history does not repeat itself. I found that you have to be a true revolutionary to free urself from the peel the layers that is. Otherwise, frustration, disappointment and depression are inevitable. A revolution first starts inside.....way deep inside before it's outthere.

It's doable angel..and believe me u dont wanna way back.