Monday, 4 October 2010

Of space and time*

I open my eyes to see that I exist in a space we once shared
Only it is a different time

I amass the debris of our night here
I hear the echoes of conversations we had
I can see you walking around inside these yellow walls
Your gaze not leaving my body

Decaying memories are coming back to life
And the feeling I get, in my stomach
Is the same one I once had, not an inch different

Your voice is in the back of my head
Your scent is invading my nostrils
I can even feel your arms around me
As we once laid down on a bed
Forgetting about the world outside

We created our own existence
Between these walls

It was a single night, yet the memory of which still plagues my mind
It was an eternity
Only it was only in our minds

I am questioning the reality of that moment
And other similar moments
I am having flashbacks of tremendous emotions

In your mind, do I still exist?

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