Monday, 10 November 2008

I tried.

I feel like writing.

About the sadness inside. A dry sadness. Never been this dry!

I cant sleep

I can only think, and mourn …

What is to mourn? The carnal death of a person or the rational death of a nation?

I cannot shed a single tear

Yet, I shout and I hit and I strike and I hit again

And I cannot sleep and I hit

And I mourn.

Your loss affected me

It hit me

It killed me

And I mourn…

And I do not mourn your death

And I do not shed a tear on your loss

I mourn my nation

And the people of my nation

And their downfall

They are the ones staying

Dying but staying

You are gone.

I will miss you. But I will also envy you.

They will stay

…living dead

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