Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Negative Vibes

There are those people you know … maybe close friends, maybe relatives, or siblings … those people carrying a big “NO” on their foreheads … the kind of people who can’t just draw a simple smile on their faces … not even at the sight of a newborn, not even at the sight of a lover.

There are those people, the sight of whom makes you have a downbeat… a feeling of nausea, you just can’t beat!

There are those people who wait slowly for their own downfall … missing out on the chance to enjoy every minute of their existence. And they think they don’t exist!

There are those people with negative vibes… distributing their frowns and sulk to every person they meet, or don’t meet. To every passer by … whose chance is so miserable; having ran into people with negative vibes.

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