Saturday, 21 February 2009

About me* - by MMMMMMMMM

I was asked to write a bio - knowing I suck at this, here is what MMMMMMMMM (a colleague at work and a friend in the vault^^) wrote about me:

"This is supposed to be her year. The supervisors’ favorite, the teachers’ favorite, the serious student from Beirut working in her own little cubicle, it was all set up for her to serve the humanitarian field in the best possible way. That’s the theory; the reality however will tell how she was perfecting the science of dreams.

And yet modern poetry will encounter one of the most thrilling writers of the blogosphere, although the future will beg to differ.

In 2007 she started posting on my space; but it was in 2009 that her promise reached its fulfillment. With her series of raw emotional poems, she unveiled her true identity: An aggressive Dream-Elf!

But there is always a feeling with her that no one knows what to expect! The least of all, herself; an inspired writer who became a slave to her own dreams. Yet those dreams, only partially tell the tale; for all her aggression there are days where she simply disappears, one day on, one day off. A pattern emerging, one week on, one week off; perhaps gone to visit neverland? A question that only she can answer!

Submission and dominance in equal measures. Would the real AOL please stand up! Perhaps though we’ve seen the real AOL all along: one leap of faith too far!"

MMMMMMMMM - your words are much appreciated.

I send you a handful of gratitude.

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