Thursday, 26 February 2009


I run my knife,
Over the skin of your head.
It reaches your skull.
I twist my knife,
I cut your skull.
I go deeper,
Into your essence.
I reach the cortex.
I cut the cortex,
Right into your brain.
That sweet brain of yours,
Which leaves me dazzled.
I take out your brain,
A striking bunch of cells,
The root of your being,
Your substance,
For which I envy you.
I grasp your brain between my tiny fingers
I stare at it, for a long while.
I admire it. I desire it. I crave for it.
And in a fraction of seconds,
I eat it.
So that it is all mine.
So that you are all mine.


shefeels said...

i felt this so much. striking imagery u bring to the reader. loved the details and how it made my mouth water for some odd,sick reason.

Anonymous said...
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