Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Confessions of a twisted mind*

Food for my twisted thoughts.

Substance for my perverted writings.

That is all you are to me.

That is all you mean.


You are my inspiration.

My muse for perversion.

You complete my sick mind.

You give me something to long for.

Will you still be here when you read this?

Did I just scare you away?

Will you regret what you’ve done to me?

Feeding my mind, with sick ideas.

Fucking my brain, with every word you say.

Penetrating my mind, with every stare.

You attract me even more.



Amazing laconic piece!!

Anonymous said...

Unpredictable shift... Though it came terse but "confessions of a twisted mind*" is truly A confession with an " I " . You did it !!!

shefeels said...

I LOVE THIS. one of my favorite of urs. great work. keep it up.