Saturday, 28 February 2009

imagine that every emotion is a creation of the mind*

Sometimes I feel that the five senses are not enough – to grasp all that is going on around me.
I think there more to it, to be a human. There should be!

It is very intriguing to see one’s self changing, drifting 180 degrees. I could never grasp this change. I cannot understand it.

You are in a situation, where you have certain feelings for a person, or a thing, or an animal – and you think this is real – and you think this is the only true thing happening in your life. And you own the world – for a moment at least. And then life goes on, days pass by, you are living the illusion that you thought was real.

But once you are out of it, once the situation is put to an end, you question yourself, where are those feelings? Were they any authentic? What the hell happened to them! You cannot comprehend. So you start analyzing – is it you changing? Is it you maturing? (Don’t get me started on the definition of maturity) or is it the whole world around you evolving? Are your senses betraying you? Is reality raping you? What is going on around you? Whatever happened to what you once thought was genuine? Whatever happened to the person who you once thought was your life, the reason of your existence, your soul twin?

Twisted feelings. Betraying the mind. That is all that I have learned – that is all that I believe. It is all in the twist – and it is all in the mind.

I am drained.

*title by Chris aka InjuriousItems

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