Monday, 2 March 2009

The Urge To Be Seen.

It was about time she admitted it.
She enjoys being watched … by strangers.
It was about time she admitted it.
The feeling of a passer-by,
Devouring her with his gaze,
Undressing her with his eyes,
And making love to her -
Under the striking sun of a Sunday afternoon
On some island’s shore,
Only by means of his stare … -
Takes her beyond reality,
Puts her mind in a state of pure ecstasy;
A feeling that she craves for,
An urge she is not able to resist,
With everyday that passes by,
With every passer-by …


Anonymous said...

Insanity strikes like thunder in my ears
Grounding thoughts as I hold my breath
Will it pass tonight, will it call upon my death
Emotions suffer from questioning my tears
Fire spread on the grounds of my fears
Memory backing remembering my years
Of thoughts wrestling for lots of care
I lie here naked I sleep down bare
For I am tired from climbing that stair
I played by rules that were never ever fair
I crumbled I tripped I rose and dare
To wear this burden to take my share
Suffocating from loath as I look up high
There’s no way down once you fly
Fear of vanishing from depth you cry
As you come too close as your soul will dry
Take me now on the wings of hope
This wounded bird is shot, needs dope
Finding his way to the trees to hide
A loner he is, he’s down on pride
Hiding from the sun masking his side
Its time to stand straight its time you should have tried
Blast with power of silence and pain
Burn your prison, your freedom gain
Shine up high never wait for that train
Free your mind from chains and from strains!!!!

(this was a sole exception : night 2/3/09...belongs here ) ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh,almost forgot,TITLED Fur Eline :)