Saturday, 28 March 2009

A never ending dream*

Dreamer: What am I to you?
Man: You are nothing.
Dreamer: Nothing?
Man: Yes. Nothing!
Dreamer: But last night …
Man: Last night was an illusion. A work of your imagination.
Dreamer: But you were there. All the time. You were there. How come … ?
Man: You were dreaming.
Dreamer: But I could touch you, kiss you and smell you. Here’s. Smell this. Your scent didn’t leave my skin. I can still taste your kiss.
Man: This is all in your mind. I am not real. I am an illusion. You were dreaming. Stop asking me questions.
Dreamer: I refuse to believe this. You are here now. What are you doing now?
Man: *smile* You are still dreaming… Your dreams never end. Your imagination never rests. That is all I am to you. Face it. I am your constructed reality. I am your means of escaping. I am in you. I am you.
Dreamer: Then I never want to wake up *sigh*

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marooned84 said...

It's really harsh when even your dreams turn against you.