Monday, 9 March 2009

Of Veracity And Chimera*

I feel.
I dream.
And in my waking hours,
You don’t leave my mind.

I feel you, in my mind.
I dream about you – licentious daydreams.
For your shadows linger
Around me … throughout my existence.
And your silhouette wanders
Between the walls of my yellow mind.

I feel the burden of your existence
Saddling on my being
I feel your enticing weight
Aching my organism

And at night, when the darkness prevails
I pretend to sleep, just so that you don’t visit my dreams.

And I wake up thinking about you.
But who are you?

I refuse to fall.
I refuse to feel.
I refuse to live in my own reality.
I am afraid of my own reality.
Afraid of its illusions.

Go away.

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