Monday, 9 March 2009

Torn between the seasons.

Sitting in her corner, watching the rain flooding like a madman’s rage, thinking that it was sunny just one hour ago.

The weather reminds her of her own mood – fluctuating; between sunshines and rainbows and storms.

Each minute belongs to a different state. Each thought is shaped by different circumstances. Each emotion is adhering to a thought. A thought of lust. A thought of sadness. A thought of phantasmagoria. And a thought of despair.

The weather leaves her feeling restless. She cannot keep up. Flux is tiring her. Her soul is on edge …

Will she be able to settle on one passion? Will she be able to be herself?
Are her mood fluctuations related to her identity? Do they determine who she really is? An unsettled being, living on the impulse.

Is this what she is all about?

How much would she torture her brain in order to understand her identity?

How much would she push the limits of her senses, in order to master her identity?

The rain stops. And so do her thoughts.

Far away a rainbow is starting to show. Will this be a ne beginning? A new definition? New dimensions?

Time will tell.

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