Saturday, 14 March 2009

Can I come up now?*

Everyone has something to get rid of, something to throw into the fire. It could be an old blouse, an unworn dress, a precious piece of furniture, an overanalyzed idea, a fanatic attitude … we all have to give some things up. We all need to change, grow out of our skins, see beyond our eyelids, think outside the box … try looking at a piece of art upside down, or standing on the bed and looking at your things in your room from an up leveled perspective. Try smashing your most worthy mug and gluing its shattered pieces again – in a new form. Try screwing up your relations with people. Play with them. Take on different roles, be a million different people in a minute’s time span. Try coloring each of your nails a different color. Try counting the hairs that fall down from your head after your shower. Try thinking in black and white and dreaming backward. Try eating the same thing, over and over again, for a whole month.
Just try.
Do something.
Stop staring into emptiness.
Stop listening to your mind.

For once, revolutionize.

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