Thursday, 30 July 2009

A start of something beautiful*

I lay my head next to his
We share a moment of silence
We listen to the soundless noise
Of our breaths
Playing symphonies
Along with that river below

We stare at the ceiling
For hours, until dawn
Comes creeping out
From behind the mountains
Reminding us about a concept
Of time, we forgot about
The whole night through

Sweet morning comes
After a sleepless night
Tripping on the scent
Of his skin
Drawing his picture
In void space
With the top of the unfinished
Bottle of wine
Sweet morning comes
Sunrays rest on his lips
And I feed on this sun

We hold hands
Dive into a void ocean
Balancing between its extremes
Sliding from edge to edge
From fears to haven
Between nightmares and dreams
And I wonder
If the stillness inside
Could last more in reality
Than it does in our daydreams

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