Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Shall I be dead now,
You should know
You were the last thing
On my mind
No, I did not see flashbacks of my life
No, I did not see absolute white void
No, I did not hear the car crash
Or think about my own death
It was you I thought about
How you told me a week before
That you could have died
In a car accident
How ‘the sky was moving sideways’
How you thought that that was your last moment
Your last fraction of existence
Your car going round
To impede under a truck
No, it wasn’t the wall I crashed into
Nor the highway my car flew over
Nor the seaside route I landed on
That I thought about
When my own death approached me
It wasn’t ‘the fear of a blank planet’; No
It was you
A probable reason why
Life chose to hold on to me
Maybe a reason why
Death hesitated in taking me
Was it you there?

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andreas said...

great. hope you are fine