Thursday, 23 April 2009


I know what’s on the menu for tonight

You will drown your dreams

At the bottom of a southern comfort

But the sweet taste of alcohol

Won’t damage your brain cells;

For these have mutated years ago

It won’t ruin your dreams either

This tickling feeling will perfectly suit

Your dark material, my muse

You will blossom into a thousand cacti

Aconites, black locusts and Christmas roses

Your shining will disintegrate feeble minds,

Eradicate normality the way we know it

And shall set free humanity’s greatest gift

This piece was written about me *blushing* by MMMMMMMMM - again!

MMMMMMMMM, you should know I much appreciate you as a human first and as one of the greatest and totally unforgettable people I have met in my life - for your simplicity and complexities, your wits and lightheartedness, your sarcasm and your appreciation of the little things .

I don't think I will be able to practice momentary "priceless" insanities, enjoy my daydreams while sipping my iced coffee under the sun with anyone, like I do with the vault^^. Not to mention speaking about my imaginary friends :P *a million hugs*

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