Tuesday, 14 April 2009


See that blade?

Grab that blade

Caress my crust

Head to toe

Dig it deeper

Into the membrane

Make it hurt

Gratifying pain

Not too deep

Not too superficial

Just enough

To make me ache

Just enough

To make me smirk

Just enough

To make me feel

What it is like

To be real

Free my temple

From attachment

And my spirit

From emotions

Free my mind

From temptation

Then stamp my neck

Your “second-hand” stamp

And send me over

To the other side


poshlemon said...

this is just beautiful...


you're freaking me out :-) thank you!

I am glad to know you read this blog too! I always thought that you and AOL has something in common!

Knee said...

I love this!!
The darkness that it held, it just speaks out too much for me.
I'm in love with dark thoughts and poems..you've truly impressed me~
Write on
Nice to have come across your page ;-)
I'm gonna save it

poshlemon said...


happy to have made you glad lol And, yes I love the darkness here :)